Weight Loss Challenges

Weight Loss Challenges

  • Weight Loss Challenges are fun, exciting, & motivating ways to lose weight.
  • Weekly accountability.
  • Your FREE Body Composition Evaluation will help you to keep track of your body transformation.
  • Receive a Personalized Meal Plan that will meet your unique body's needs.
  • Personal Wellness Coach - Yes! You will have a personal trainer & supporter.
  • Your Personal Electronic Journal will help you to keep track of your calories intake & burn, and much, much more. Also, it will help you stay in touch with your Personal Wellness Coach.
  • Information - You will get a lot of valuable & important information about proper nutrition.
  • Utilize the Support Group of your new friends.
  • Enjoy the fun & weekly prizes!

This incredible combination of elements works! We help you change your own life. Join us, and WIN!

Weight Loss Challenge - $35 For 12 Week Program

Pre-register for the class by calling 508-648-2249, or by coming into Energy Nutrition Zone. $35 is collected for the kitty, with all money (minus a $5 administrative fee) being paid out to the top two weight loss winners at the end of 12 weeks.

Each week, a different nutrition / weight loss topic is presented, and that week the biggest loser is celebrated (after private weigh-in) with a special prize awarded. Class size is limited, and the success rate is high! Register NOW!

There are no recurring charges at our Club, and we are fully insured. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our Address:

626 B Main Street
Falmouth, MA 02540

Energy Nutrition Zone, 626 B Main Street, Falmouth MA 02540

Operating Hours:

Mon. - Fri. : 8AM - 3PM

Sat. : 9AM - 2PM

Sun. : Closed

Energy Nutrition Zone's operating hours

Contact Us:

Lana Boyd
Wellness Coach

Phone : 508-648-2249

Email : EnergyZone@

Lana Boyd of Energy Nutrition Zone