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What people are saying about Energy Nutrition Zone and Herbalife Products

  • "I want to thank Herbalife for the great product it supplies. All my family and friends are also on the product. I have been in the gyms for 35 years, and have tried many products, and I truly have to say this is the best I have felt and I am 51 years young. I am lucky to have met my wellness coach, Lana Boyd, at my gym. Thanks Lana, and Herbalife."     ----- Warren, 51
  • "I started this Nutrition Program in September, 2012. Herbalife has proven to me an improvement in energy, allowing more drive in successful, energizing workouts! I found my food choices are healthier and my body composition has changed for the better! ... Not to mention guidance and support from my wellness coach, Lana, the key to a healthier lifestyle."     ----- Pattie, 50
  • "My son, a high school varsity hockey player, using Herbalife 24 Formula-1, Prepare and Rebuild Strength, has gained 12 pounds of muscle in a short of time and his athletics have improved dramatically! ... I, myself, have changed my Body Composition: lost 4% of Body Fat and gained 8 lb of Lean Body mass and I am getting ready to run the Boston Marathon this April!" ----- Scott
  • "Last year I reached my goal to lose 35 pounds. It took me several months of hard workouts and restricted diet. When I have joined Energy Nutrition Zone Club and got on the Herbalife product, I noticed more energy throughout my day, workouts, and my night job as a bartender:) It is a perfect way for me to keep my weight off!"     ----- Vanessa, 36
  • "With the help and motivation of my wellness coach and Herbalife products, I have lost 18 pounds of my weight in only 3 months and have started my workouts at local gym - moving forward to my best shape ever!"     ----- Gary, 44
  • "I start every crossfit workout with Herbalife 24 Prepare! This product has changed the way I work out. I have more energy and more importantly I feel like I am 20 years old again!!! It is awesome!"     ----- Greg, 45
  • "The Energy Nutrition Zone and Herbalife products have changed my life. The products are amazing and our Club is a very unique place! Our wellness coach makes everyone feel special. We absolutely love coming to the Club and becoming more healthy each and every day with the use of Herbalife Nutrition."     ----- Kurt, 42
  • "From the first day I had a healthy shake for my breakfast and lunch I have had more energy and feel great! My first week on the product I lost 6 pounds!!! I love it!"     ----- Daren, 44
  • "Herbalife products are the best way for me to keep my weight down and build my muscle mass, while keeping me energized for my work day as a landscaper."     ----- Sean, 25
  • "I am very happy with the new energy that my husband and I have now with using Herbalife products. We are both losing weight. Love all shakes! I enjoy having my lunch break in our Club with my wellness coach and my new friends who make me feel so good!"     ----- Cheryl, 60
  • "I have joined the Club only 6 days ago and have lost 4 pounds having my healthy breakfast and lunch in a company of my friends and my new wellness coach! Love all products that keep my hunger and cravings under control!"     ----- Johnny, 46
  • "I have lost 18 pounds and 3 sizes in 3 months, absolutely love our delicious shakes and teas. Support and motivation from our wellness coach are priceless!"     ----- Gail, 62

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